How to modify Canvas Gradebook export for import into Axess

As of March 7, 2023, instructors can import a CSV file into Axess* to submit final grades. The CSV file must have two columns: SUID and grade. Here’s how to export and modify a Canvas grade CSV file before importing it into Axess

  1. Finalize grades in Canvas. You must have set up a grading scheme so each student has a letter grade.
  2. Export grades from Canvas by going to Grades> Actions> Export Entire Gradebook
  3. Open the downloaded CSV file in Excel. 
  4. Find the Final Grade column and make the following adjustments, as needed:
    • If student has S, NC, or other non-grade notation, edit grades to match any of the acceptable notations (If you attempt to import letter grades for students who opted for S/NC in Axess, you will receive an error for those students, but you can manually enter acceptable entries later).
    • If you’ve enabled grade override in settings and overridden student grade, move cells from the Override Grade column into the Final Grade column for those rows in which an override grade appears.
  5. Delete all columns except SIS User ID (SUID) and the Final Grade columns.        Excel sheet of grades export from Canvas
  6.  Change the SIS User ID column title to Student ID and the Final Grade column title to Grade. Delete the second and third rows, so that your resulting layout is similar to the compliant layout* below:
           Student Grade IDs with associated letter grades
  7. Save your two column CSV file to your hard drive. You can now import this properly formatted CSV file into Axess.