Best Practices for Posting Exam Files

If embedding an image or link to a file in a Canvas Quiz or Assignment, the file may remain unpublished, or could be accessible in the Canvas Files tool sooner than you intend. 

When adding a file in either Canvas Assignments or Quizzes, you should either A) restrict the folder or file in Canvas or B) upload files outside of Canvas.

A) Restrict folder and files in Canvas 

Make folder available by link

Create a folder that is available by link so the folder is available but invisible to students. Students can access files in the folder, but only with a link to the folder’s contents, as from a Quiz or Assignment. 

  1. Go to Files in your Canvas course.
  2. Click + Folder, then give it a name (e.g. Exams or Restricted), and click the check mark.
  3. Hover over new folder, click on the three dots Screen_Shot_2020-04-29_at_5.41.47_PM.png on the right, select Manage Usage Rights.

  4. Set Usage Rights.
  5. Select Only available to students with link.

  6. Click Save.
  7. Access icon will change on the folderScreen_Shot_2020-04-29_at_5.49.32_PM.png

Upload file and restrict link visibility

  1. Open the newly created folder
  2. Upload the exam file by dragging them into the Files area, or with the Upload button.
  3.  Files are not published by default. Click the exclamation mark icon Screen_Shot_2020-04-29_at_5.52.06_PM.png
  4.  Specify your Usage Rights.
  5.  Select the Only available to students with link option.
  6.  Click Save.
  7.  Access icon will change to a slash eye on the file Screen_Shot_2020-04-29_at_5.49.32_PM.png

B) Upload file outside of Canvas

Google Drive

You may wish to use Google Drive to upload your exam file, then reference this URL within your Quiz or Assignment. Please be aware that Google and its services are blocked in several countries.

  1. Login to using your Stanford authentication.
  2. Create a new folder and drop the exam file into it.
  3. Double-click to open the file.
  4. Click the three dot icon Screen_Shot_2020-04-29_at_5.22.42_PM.png in the top right and click Share.
  5. Click Get sharable link in the top right of the window that appears.
  6. Select the option for Anyone at Stanford University with the link can view.
  7. This shows you a link which you can copy. This file will be available to any authenticated user who has the URL.
  8. Add this URL to your Quiz or Assignment.