Missing Canvas courses (Instructors)

If you do not see a course on your Canvas Dashboard, it could be one of the following reasons.

  1. Bulk course creation for the upcoming term has not happened. Courses are generally created following our usual schedule. As long as you're listed as the official instructor of record on Axess, you will be automatically added to the Canvas course once it is available on Canvas. 
    • The exception are certain course types that don't typically use Canvas, such as Individual Study courses. Our Canvas team must manually create these courses. 
      • If you are added as the instructor for the course on Axess after the Canvas team has created the term's courses, please send a message to canvashelp@stanford.edu with the course code (e.g.,W23-PSYCH-100-01) and we can create the course for you.
  2. Not added as instructor on Axess. If you do not see yourself listed as the instructor on Axess and you know Canvas courses for the upcoming term have already been created, you will not be added automatically to the Canvas site. Your department must add you as the instructor for the course.
  3. You customized your dashboard and the course you are looking for is not favorited. To favorite a course, see How do I customize my course list?