Missing or Changed Functionality in New Quizzes

Last Updated 4/10/2024 This is a list of functionality that is currently missing in New Quizzes or significantly changed from the way it works in Classic Quizzes. This is not a complete list. It will be updated as new items are discovered. If you notice something that is missing or changed in a significant way in New Quizzes, please let us know at canvashelp@stanford.edu. Instructure, the company that builds Canvas, also has a New Quizzes Feature Comparison chart to track missing functionality and plans for addressing those items.

Creating Quizzes - General

  • No surveys - Survey functionality will no longer be supported in New Quizzes. [There are no plans to replace survey functionality in general, but there are plans to build a way for instructors to collect anonymous feedback from students, scheduled to be addressed in Q1 2025 and Beyond.]
  • No practice quizzes - A quiz can be made zero points or set to ‘do not count in final grade’, but it will still appear in the gradebook. Classic practice quizzes will be converted to graded  quiz during migration. No plans to support a practice quiz type in New Quizzes. FIXED
  • Designer role can’t build New Quizzes (but can edit the assignment settings).
  • No ability to create stand-alone text blocks. The stimulus function can be used, but a question (or questions) must be attached for it to display. The workflow is more awkward. [This is on the roadmap, scheduled to be addressed in Q1 2025 and Beyond.]
  • Answer-level feedback is missing from all question types except Multiple Choice. [This is not yet on the roadmap, but Instructure has said they will address it.]
  • No ability to create a quiz from an imported QTI file.

Creating Quizzes - Rich Content Editor

Instructure plans to integrate the rich content editor (RCE) that appears in other Canvas pages before the transition to New Quizzes is complete, which will resolve the following issues. The Rich Content Editor (RCE) that appears throughout Canvas was integrated into New Quizzes in June 2022.

  • No button to embed a non-media file into question. You would have to upload to the Files tool, copy the link from Files and insert the link into the quiz question. There is no content selector to link to existing course files. FIXED
  • Image and media files have to be uploaded directly in the quiz builder. There is no content selector to link to existing course files. FIXED
  • No ability to embed content from LTI integrations, like Panopto, Kaltura, Warpwire. FIXED
  • No ability to record or upload audio or video directly in the RCE. FIXED
  • Upload Media function only accepts the mp3 audio format and mp4 and m4v video formats. FIXED I was able to upload additional formats, including mp4, mov, avi (video), mp3, m4a, wav (audio).
  • Embedded media files have a download option. There doesn’t seem to be a streaming only option. FIXED
  • Negative numbers don't display in Math questions when using the LaTeX tool in RCE. FIXED

Taking Quizzes

  • No warning when internet connection is lost and quiz is no longer saving data; user is only warned when attempting to submit. FIXED A 'Connection Lost' message displays immediately when internect connection is lost.


  • No ability to download file submissions in bulk. [This is on the roadmap, scheduled to be addressed in Q1 2025 and Beyond.]
  • No ability to view/download student responses in csv format. [This is on the roadmap, scheduled to be addressed in Q1 2025 and Beyond.]
  • Graders must go to the Grades tool to find the SpeedGrader, in order to view quiz submissions. The SpeedGrader link will no longer show in the Assignments or Quizzes tools. FIXED There is a SpeedGrader link under the Options menu (three vertical dots icon) in the Assignments list, the Quizzes list and the New Quizzes Build screen.
  • No ability to set dates for showing/hiding correct answers. [This is on the roadmap, scheduled to be addressed in Q3 2024 - Q4 2024.]

General Admin Functions

  • No APIs for third-party tool integrations or custom scripts. [Some APIs have been built and some others are a work in progress.]
  • Question banks are not shared with the course by default upon creation, as Classic Quizzes does. Authors of question banks (aka Item Banks in New Quizzes) have to take action to share them with other users or courses. Also, when an instructor shares an item bank with their course, that only includes other Teachers (and custom Teacher-based roles), not TAs or Designers. If an instructor wants to share an item bank with TAs, the instructor has to add each individual TA by name. If a quiz including a question from an item bank is imported to a new course, that item bank is shared with the course by default, but again that is only Teachers, not TAs or Designers.
  • There is no ability to import item banks to a new course directly via Import Course Content. A quiz with an item bank attached would have to be imported to the new course for the item bank to be shared with the course. Otherwise, the bank owner would have to share the item bank with the course outside of the import content process.
  • No ability to share quizzes via Canvas Commons. [This is on the roadmap, scheduled to be addressed in Q2 2024 - Q3 2024.]
  • No ability to export quizzes to Common Cartridge format. [This is on the roadmap, scheduled to be addressed in Q2 2024 - Q3 2024.]
  • No ability to give students extra time on an in-progress attempt. Accommodations are only for future attempts. [This is on the roadmap, scheduled to be addressed in Q3 2024 - Q4 2024.]
  • No quiz details page with summary of settings or links to Statistics and Moderation. These functions require more clicks to get into the New Quizzes builder or to go to Grades

Conversion of individual quizzes (aka Migration) from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes Format

  • Embedded media files in Classic Quizzes do not display when migrated to New Quizzes. Instructure is currently working on a fix for this issue.
    • In Build mode, all uploaded media files start auto-playing at once.
    • In quiz-taking mode, blank spaces appear where embedded media files should be and all embedded media files download upon loading the quiz page.
  • When migrating a classic quiz with LaTeX formulas to New Quizzes, the LaTeX formulas are converted into images and are no longer editable. FIXED
  • Every individual quiz migration from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes format generates a Course Export Finished email to the person who started the migration. This does not apply to bulk migration done via Import Course Content.

Bulk Migration via Import Course Content (transfer content from one course to another)

Although bulk migration of Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes format has been released to production, there are still many outstanding issues with bulk migration. See New Quizzes Bulk Migration Issues Summary Oct 2023 for details and updates.

  • Currently, there is no way to convert quizzes in bulk to the New Quizzes format when using the  Import Course Content function. Each quiz needs to be migrated one at a time. Instructure plans to have this resolved before the transition to New Quizzes is complete. FIXED
  • New Quizzes copy over in new course as unpublished. This is a change in behavior from Classic Quizzes. FIXED