Create Slack channels in your course workspace

When joining a Slack workspace, #general and #random are the only two channels everyone becomes a member of by default, but typically, people create additional channels for ongoing conversations on more specific topics.  

If you’ve allowed it, any member of the workspace can add a new channel, private or otherwise, and become the owner of that channel. Workspace owners who create a channel that all members should access should set channels to default before inviting students to the workspace (members who’ve already joined the workspace will have to be manually added to each channel). Default channels appear in the left navigation to all members who join the workspace subsequently.

If you’ve created your Slack workspace via Canvas and think you want the same channels in future quarters’ workspaces, consider doing so using CourseBot.

Creating channels using CourseBot

CourseBot is a Slack app that only appears in Canvas-initiated workspaces. It allows creation of default channels that can also be used as templates of channels in future quarters. 

Find CourseBot home

  1. Click CourseBot under “Apps”.
    CourseBot link under Apps
  2. You will be in the Messages tab from CourseBot.
    Slack interface with CourseBot Messages selected
  3. Click Home (to the left of Messages).
    Slack interface with CourseBot Home selected

Create default course channels in CourseBot

  1. On the Home tab of CourseBot, click Create Default Course Channels.
    CourseBot Home with option to create default channels
  2. Name your course channel and click Submit.

    ields to fill out for creating course channels

    The name of your new course channel will appear in the CourseBot Home tab, where it can also be removed.

    Newly created channel appears in CourseBot Home
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for additional default course channels. Note: you can create more default channels after users join, but they will need to click on the CourseBot generated channel announcements in the #general channel before they are visible in their left navigation. 
  4. The channels themselves will show up in the left navigation of your Slack app and in the left navigation of all staff who join the workspace subsequently (TAs who have already joined will not see it); if it doesn’t appear, use ⌘ R (Mac) or Ctrl R (Windows/Linux) to refresh your view.