Student Guide to Canvas Quizzes for Exams

Things you’ll need to have before the exam



Bookmark questions you’d like to return to by clicking this button to the left of the question:


To return to a question, click its bookmark in the table of contents.

Answered questions will fade out with a checkmark next to the question while unanswered questions are bold with a question mark icon. 


Locate how long you’ve been working below the table of contents.

If you’d prefer not to see the elapsed time (for untimed exams) or the countdown (for timed exams), click the Hide link.

Table of contents

Depending on screen size, the table of contents will be at the top right, or at the bottom of the screen.



Essay text box 

Be sure to click outside of the text box as you type occasionally to save your work.

For optimal height, click and drag handle in bottom right corner of the text box down.

For optimal font size, change Font Sizes in the text box’s menu bar.





File Attachments

Your instructor may ask you to instead attach a file, rather than type into a field. They may specify a specific file type. 


Submit Quiz 

Press Submit Quiz when you are ready to do so; quizzes are only autosubmitted if a time limit or an Available Until date/time was set by your instructor. 

In the event of an Internet Outage

Your answers are saved every time you move to a new question or click outside  a text box. However, if your Internet connection goes out, you will see this message


You can continue to work while this message shows, but your work won’t be backed up to the server. Until your computer reconnects, do not select back, forward, or refresh or close your browser and do not click the Submit Quiz button. 

If Canvas does not reconnect by the end of the exam, you can take the following steps

  • File Upload or Text entry: save your work in a document and email the instructor with the exam attached when your computer does reconnect.  Do not modify your doc after the end of the test (your time stamp will prove you completed work on time).
  • For all other question types: take a photo of the screen and email it to your instructor when you reconnect
  • If you have a smart phone, take a photo of your test and email it to your instructor.