Enable download of Zoom recordings for students


In the past, instructors would have to download the recording and upload it to Canvas Files tool, but allowing downloads directly from the Zoom tool is faster. Recordings are automatically published to the Cloud Recordings tab of the Canvas Zoom tool. 

To make a video downloadable, instructors should 

  1. Go to the recordings page of their Zoom web portal and click the recording they would like to enable for download. They can trim the start and finish of the video, if needed, then click Share.

    Step 1: Click recording to trim. Step 2: Click Share button

  2. When they click Share, they should toggle the switch “Viewers can download” to on, as shown, along with other settings such as password. (Students who click on a cloud recording will get the password copied into their clipboard to be pasted, then can view the video, with a link to download if needed.)

    'Viewers can download' should be on to make recording downloadable. It's also advised to turn 'Only authenticated users can view' and 'Password protection' on.

While all recordings of meetings scheduled via the Canvas Zoom tool are available from Canvas, they are not automatically downloadable; while you can require authentication and a password for recordings in Zoom web portal Settings in advance, downloads can only be enabled per recording.