Why can't some students access course Collaborations?

Whether you are using the Google Doc collaboration or the Google Apps collaboration with Google Spreadsheet or Google presentation, there are some items to check through if you or a subset of your students cannot see a collaboration.

  1. Users must be logged in with their Stanford Google account, not a personal Google account on their browser. Many access issues for users who authenticated successfully in Canvas using their Stanford account but cannot access any collaborations is due to the user's browser being logged in with a personal Google account.

  2. Check to see if the user has been added to the collaboration. By default, instructors and TAs have access to all collaborations. If Student A say s/he can't see Student B's collaboration, as the instructor or TA, you can click the Edit pencil icon for the collaboration to see if all students who should have access is listed in the right panel. 

  3. If only the author of the collaboration can open the collaboration and you (as the instructor or TA cannot), the issue is likely an access issue. The author will need to check that the collaboration doesn't have restricted access.
    • Have the creator of the collaboration (whether instructor or student) open their collaboration
    • Click the Share button 
    • Select Advanced
    • Ensure the collaboration isn't set to "Private - Only you can access".