How do I add people to a past course?

Anyone with a Teacher, Course Admin, or TA role in a past course can now add people to the course without having to submit a help request.

  • Go to the Courses menu, select All Courses, and scroll down to Past Enrollments to select your past course.
  • Select People in the course navigation bar.
  • Click the +People to Concluded Course button.


  • Enter a SUNet ID (or multiple SUNet IDs separated by commas) in the SUNet ID field.


  • Select the appropriate role.
    • Select 'Course Content Share' if the person needs to be able to copy course content into a new course or needs to be able view unpublished content.
    • Select 'Observer' if the person is a guest or auditor and only needs to view course content.
  • Click the Add Users button. 
  • If the SUNet IDs entered are valid, the page will refresh a few moments after clicking Add Users and the people will be added. If a SUNet ID entered is invalid, a warning will appear, allowing you to make a correction and click Add Users again. In the meantime, correct SUNet IDs will be added.