Add users to a past course

Anyone with a Teacher, Course Admin, or TA role in a past course can now add people to the course without having to submit a help request.

  1. Go to the Courses menu, select All Courses, scroll down to Past Enrollments and select your past course.
  2. Select People in the course navigation bar.
  3. Click the +People to Concluded Course button.Canvas People page with +People to Concluded button circled
  4. Enter a SUNet ID (or multiple SUNet IDs separated by commas) in the SUNet ID field. SUNet IDs must be the individual's official SUNet ID, not an alias. To find the official SUNet, check the Stanford directory. The official SUNet will be listed first. Space to enter SUNet ID and role selection
  5. Select the appropriate role.
    • Select Course Content Share if the person needs to be able to copy course content into a new course or needs to be able view unpublished content.
    • Select Observer if the person is a guest or auditor and only needs to view course content.
  6. Click the Add Users button. 
  7. If the SUNet IDs entered are valid, the page will refresh a few moments after clicking Add Users and the users will be added. If a SUNet ID entered is invalid, a warning will appear, allowing you to make a correction and click Add Users again. In the meantime, correct SUNet IDs will be added.
    image of successful adding of user and unsuccessful