Process to add third-party tools (Apps) to a Canvas course

Canvas supports the integration of third party tools (or Apps, as Canvas refers to them) that adhere to the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard. The Learning Technology and Spaces team (LTS) reviews newly requested tools for safety, effectiveness, and desirability before pursuing a license on behalf of an instructor or department.

Review Process

There are multiple factors to consider before pursuing a license agreement for an LTI tool.

  • Step 1. Teaching and Learning Objective: LTS will discuss the request with the instructor to understand what the instructor is trying to achieve by using this tool.
  • Step 2. Review of Similar Tools: LTS will review comparable tools, including those which may be currently licensed to LTS/Stanford, to determine if the instructor's needs can be met by a tool already available.
  • Step 3. Funding for License Fee: If the requested tool requires a license fee, a source of funding needs to be determined. Please note LTS may not have funding for licensing additional third-party tools.  
  • Step 4. Technical and Pedagogical Assessment: If no currently supported tool serves the instructor’s needs, LTS will conduct a functionality test of the requested tool to determine if:
    • The tool is technically sound, functions properly and works as expected.
    • The tool provides a satisfactory user experience for teachers and students, with an intuitive interface and workflow.
    • The tool accomplishes the pedagogical task desired by the instructor.
  • Step 5. Agreement with Company: Assuming the tool passes the Technical and Pedagogical Assessment, LTS will start the licensing process, which includes a security review, an accessibility review, and a contract negotiation for price and terms of use. While an agreement for a short-term limited pilot may take less time, the multi-phase review process for a full license agreement may take many months to complete and often depends on the third-party’s timely responses to our communications.

List of Approved Tools/Apps

Make a Request

If you or your department has identified a tool you would like to use within Canvas, initiate the review process by submitting a request. An LTS representative will contact you within two business days to discuss your request. Depending on the time required to negotiate an agreement with a third-party company, the tool approval process may take at least a quarter, possibly even several quarters, so please make your request at least one full quarter before you will need to use the tool.

Request Form