How do I add a syllabus?

Any syllabus added to the Syllabus tool of a Canvas course will appear in the Stanford Syllabus web site. By default, anyone at Stanford can view the syllabus on Stanford Syllabus, even if the Canvas course is not published.

To add a syllabus:

  • Go to the Syllabus tool.
  • Click the Edit button in the upper right of the page.


  • You can then enter text within the rich content editor, add a link (or links), upload a file (or files) or embed images or media.


To upload a file:

  • On the right side of the page (or at the bottom if your browser window is small), click the Files tab in the content helper.


  • If you haven't already uploaded a file, click Upload a New File and browse for the file. 


  • Select a usage right setting, then click the Upload button.


  • If you have already uploaded your syllabus file to the Files tool, click on the course files folder and select the file.


  • A link to the file will be inserted in the place you had your cursor in the rich content editor.
  • Click the Update Syllabus button to save.