Scheduler/Appointment Sign-ups

Create Appointment Group

The Appointment Group function is integrated into the "Create New Event" workflow. Click the + button at the top of the Calendar, then select Appointment Group as the event type. Slots will then display on the calendar, appearing faded for slots that are still available and bolded for slots that are reserved. Clicking on a slot gives options to edit or delete the slot or edit group details of the appointment group.

 Create button

Creating appointment group options

Student sign-up process

Students need to click Find Appointments and select a course which will display the associated course calendar. Slots display in the context of the calendar, appearing bolded for slots that are available and faded for slots that are reserved. If there are no slots in the current month or week of the student’s calendar, a message will pop up with a link to the next available slot.

Calendar view with box around button for Find Appointment

Select a course pop-up window with a course selected from a dropdown of options

Canvas Guides

Create an Appointment Group (Instructors/TAs/Admins)
Sign up for an Appointment (Students)