Publish Canvas Course Checklist


Don’t forget to publish your Canvas course before the quarter begins!  Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of the process to publish a course.  Note: Please enlarge Canvas dashboard screen to ensure all visuals are visible.  

Course status notification on home page

If a course is unpublished you’ll see a pink notification message on the homepage. You can click the “Publish Course” button to immediately publish your course and make it available to students. We recommend waiting until your course is set up and ready to be released. 

Figure 1: Notification message



Publish a Course

There are 3 different ways to publish a course.  The first option, is clicking the Publish button in the right hand sidebar from the Home page.

Figure 2:  Home dashboard publish course Screen_Shot_2022-09-13_at_2.57.25_PM.png


The second option is publishing a course from Settings.

Figure 3: Settings publish course


The third option is publishing a course directly from the Canvas course card on the main dashboard.    

Figure 4: Canvas course card


Select home page

The Syllabus is the default home page for all new Canvas courses.

Figure 5: Syllabus default view



If you’d like to modify the home page, select Choose Home Page from the right-hand menu, under Course Status.  

Figure 6: Choose Home Page


Home Page Options

Home page options include Course Activity Stream, Pages Front Page, Course Modules, Assignment List or Syllabus.  Once you have selected an option, click Save.  Please note that if you don’t select an option, the home page will remain as the Syllabus.

Figure 7: Home page options & SAVE



Publish a Course

To publish a course, click the Publish button from the right-hand sidebar of the home page. The course is published and available to students once the button appears green.

Figure 8: Publish