Getting Started with Easy Course Import

The Stanford Canvas team has built a custom, simplified version of the Canvas import feature called Easy Course Import. This new feature guides instructors to choose only the content they want to reuse in the new course.

  1. To launch Easy Course Import, select Easy Course Import from one of the following locations.
    • An Easy Course Import button appears in the upper right corner of the Homepage, above the Import Existing Content button (the default Canvas import feature).


    • An Easy Course Import link appears on the right of the Settings page, above the Import Course Content link.


    • In the Import Content page (default Canvas import feature), Easy Course Import appears as the first option in the Content Type drop-down menu, right above the Copy a Canvas Course option.


  2. A pop-up window will appear. On the first page of Easy Course Import, select Let’s Begin to get started.


  3. Select a course from the Course Selection drop-down menu.


  4. Select the Next button to continue. [As with the default Canvas import feature, you can choose only one source course from which to import at a time. If you need to import content from multiple courses, you will need to complete one import for each source course separately.]


  5. Select desired content. 
    • You can select all content of a certain type by selecting the checkbox next to the content type (e.g., Assignments) and/or you can use the expansion arrows to display and select individual content items (e.g., an assignment, a file).


    • Hover over tooltips for more guidance on importing certain types of content.


  6. Select Import Content to finish.


  7. After the import is finished, the Course Copy verification will display in the Import Content page.