How do I use Zoom in Canvas?

Zoom is a web conferencing tool that provides remote conferencing services. The Canvas-Zoom integration allows instructors to schedule online meetings from within Canvas and is now available in all Canvas sites. 

To get started, set up a meeting on Zoom.

  1. Click Zoom on your course navigation 
  2. Click the Authenticate button. You'll see a message similar to that below.


  3. Click Authorize. If you run into the error below, continue to 3a. If not, move on to 4.

    • 3a. This error means it is your first time using Zoom within that browser on Canvas or that you aren't signed in to your Zoom account. Click on SIGN IN 
    • You'll be redirected out of Canvas (this should only happen once per browser unless cache & cookies are cleared). Enter your Stanford email address and password and click to login
  4. In Canvas, click Schedule a New Meeting
  5. Fill out the meeting settings
    • Topic: the title of your meeting
    • When: select a date and time for the meeting
    • Duration: total amount of time the meeting will be run for (you can enter a meeting early)
    • Select Recurring meeting if the meeting will occur more than once
    • Host/Participant: select whether you'd like your/your participants' video to automatically be turn on or off
    • Meeting Options
  6. Click Schedule. You will now see the conference appear under 'Upcoming Meetings' 


Once your meeting is scheduled, students will get notified via their Canvas Inbox. By default, students also receive an email notification for all Inbox messages. In addition, the meeting will appear on their Canvas Calendar.

The Inbox message for the Zoom meeting will include who created the meeting, the title of the meeting and a link to the meeting. See example below. 


The Zoom event also appears on the Canvas Calendar. See below.


NOTE: Students are unable to see the Zoom tab in the course navigation. Only Instructors and TAs are able to see the tab.


Downloading Zoom

If a user does not already have Zoom downloaded to their device, when clicking to join a Zoom meeting, the user will be prompted to download and run zoom. Below is what the screen will look like. Click the download & run Zoom link. The package will download to your computer. Once downloaded, double click to open the package and continue through the steps.



If you're not interested in using Zoom for your course, you can hide the integration from the course navigation.

For more information about Zoom on the Stanford campus, go to Stanford UIT's page on Getting Started with Zoom