Using the Gradescope integration with Canvas

You can now import your Canvas roster into your Gradescope course and upload grades from Gradescope into Canvas. To learn more about how Gradescope works, check out the Gradescope Getting Started Videos.

Add Gradescope to Canvas course navigation and link Gradescope course to Canvas course

  • Go to Settings > Navigation tab, drag Gradescope from the bottom of the page to the active tool list and click Save. [If your department has chosen to make Gradescope visible in the course navigation by default, you can skip this step.]
  • Once that is done, click Gradescope in the Canvas course navigation to launch Gradescope in a new browser tab/window. You will be prompted to login if you aren't already logged into Gradescope in your browser. Then, you will see the Link to Canvas Course dialog box. Gradescope_Link.png
  • You can choose to create a new Gradescope course or link to an existing Gradescope course.
  • Click the Link Course button to finish.

Link your Gradescope course to a Canvas course (if not adding Gradescope to Canvas course navigation)

  • In your Gradescope course, click Course Settings in the left hand navigation.gradescope-link-course.jpg.
  • In the Canvas Course section, click the Link button.
  • You will be prompted to log into Canvas and authorize Gradescope to access your Canvas information. Click the Authorize button.
  • Select the Canvas course you want to link to your Gradescope course and click the Link Course button.
  • Click the Update Course button at the bottom of the Edit Course page.

Sync Gradescope with your Canvas roster

  • In your Gradescope course, click Roster in the left hand navigation.gradescope-sync-roster.jpg
  • In the lower right corner, click the Sync Canvas Roster button.
  • In the confirmation page, click the Sync Roster button.
  • Students and teaching staff from your Canvas course will be added and will show a link icon in the Linked column.
  • Make sure to repeat this process prior to grading assignments to ensure Gradescope has the latest enrollment updates.

Link a Gradescope assignment to a Canvas assignment

  • Create an assignment within Gradescope, if you have not already done so.
  • Create an assignment in Canvas to use for uploading grades from Gradescope. Make sure to publish it, so it will appear in the Canvas Grades tool. If you want to prevent students from seeing or getting notified about the grades, set the assignment to Manual Posting Policy in the Canvas Grades tool.
  • In Gradescope, click the desired assignment title.
  • Click Settings in the left hand navigation.gradescope-link-assignment.jpg
  • In the Canvas Assignment section, click the Link button.
  • Select the Canvas assignment you want to use, then click the Link Assignment button.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the Edit Assignment page.

Upload grades to Canvas

  • While viewing the Gradescope assignment, click Review Grades in the left hand navigation.gradescope-post-grades.jpg
  • In the lower right corner, click Post Grades to Canvas.
  • In the confirmation page, click the Post Grades button.
  • A status bar will appear and show the message “Grades successfully posted to Canvas” when finished.