How do I set up discussion posts?

Canvas discussions allow for interaction and sharing between students within a course site. Discussions threads can be created for the entire course, specific sections and even groups. Discussions can also be graded and counted toward student grades. Below are steps on how to create a new discussion thread in a Canvas site. 

  • Go into your course site
  • Click Discussions on the lefthand course navigation
  • Click on the +Discussion tab
  • Add a title to the thread
  • Add content to the body of the thread
  • Select any settings you'd like
  • Scroll down and click Save

For step-by-step instructions with screenshots on how to create a new discussion post, please see Canvas's guide on How to create a discussion post. The linked guide will include more detailed information for some of the features such as a graded discussion, group discussions and liking capabilities. 

For more information on discussions, please see the Canvas guide, What are Discussions?