Where are my courses? (Students)

If you do not see courses on your Canvas Dashboard for the current term, it could be one of multiple reasons.

  1. You recently added the course on Axess. If you just added the course, the course should appear on your Canvas within 2 hours of enrolling in Axess.
  2. The instructor has not yet published the course. To check, go to Courses > All Courses. If you see the course title, check the Published column to see whether the course is published. If not, you will not have access until the instructor publishes the course.
  3. Your dashboard has been customized and the course you are looking for is not favorited/starred. To favorite a course, follow the steps from the help guide, How do I customize my course list?
  4. The instructor is using a system other than Canvas for online resources. Check with your instructor or TA to ensure course materials will be posted on Canvas.