Why am I not receiving notifications?

Below are some reasons why you may not be receiving Canvas notifications. 

1. Notification preferences are not set

Go to Account > Notifications to see if the checkmark is selected for Notify me right away


If notifications are set properly, check your course notifications to see if they've been turned off. Go to your course > View Course Notifications.

2. Email was sent to trash or spam

Check to see if the notification email arrived in your Spam or Trash folder. If you are using Office 365, check your Clutter folder by going to https://webmail.stanford.edu (some users do not have the Clutter folder).

Note: If you signed up for an Unroll.me account, that service may be filtering your Canvas notifications. It is best to delete your Unroll.me account, then check to see if you start receiving Canvas notifications in the following days.

3. Email added to a suppression list

At one point, Canvas attempted to send an email to your email address but the email bounced. When emails bounce, the email address is then added to Instructure's suppression list. To check if you are part of this list, follow the steps below.

  • Click on Account > Settings
  • An exclamation point next to the email address means Canvas has tried to send an email to the address but it failed.


  • Hover over the triangle to read the error message.


If your email is active and you do not receive Canvas notifications, email us at canvashelp@stanford.edu and request that your email address be removed from the suppression list.

4. High traffic delay

Canvas can experience delays in sending notifications when there are extremely large message queues. It is recommend that instructors email students directly for time sensitive messages.

Still not receiving notifications?

If your email address is not on the suppression list and your notification settings are set properly but you are still not receiving notifications, email canvashelp@stanford.edu for help.