Why am I not receiving notifications?

There are a few possibilities as to why you are not receiving Canvas notifications in your email client.

  • First, check to see if the notification email arrived in your Spam or Trash folder
  • If you are using Office 365, check your Clutter folder by going to https://webmail.stanford.edu (if you have that option enabled)
  • If you signed up for an Unroll.me account, that service may be filtering your Canvas notifications. It is best to delete your Unroll.me account, then check to see if you start receiving Canvas notifications in the following days.
  • Your email address has been added to a blacklist
    • Click on Account > Settings
    • If you see an exclamation point in an orange triangle, it means Canvas has tried to send an email to the address but it failed. See screenshot below for what it will look like
    • If you hover over the triangle, you will see the message below
    • If you find this, email us at help@stanfordcanvas.zendesk.com and let us know if the email address listed is active (can receive emails) and that you cannot receive notifications since the email address has been added to the suppression list
  • Your notifications are turned off
    • Click on Account > Notifications to see if the checkmark is selected for "Notify me right away"

If it appears your email address is not on the suppression list and your notification settings look good and you're still not receiving notifications, you can reach out to help@stanfordcanvas.zendesk.com and our team is happy to take a look.