How do I save comment and grades in SpeedGrader?

There are many options on how to provide feedback to students via the SpeedGrader. Below are different ways on how to fully submit comments/grades.


To give a point or letter grade, manually type in the numerical value or a letter (if you've set up a grading scheme) in the box next to Grade. 

The grade will be successfully saved by completing the options below.

  • Click the Submit button
  • Click anywhere on the page outside of the box
  • Navigating to the next student you want to grade


If you've set up an assignment grading rubric, you will not need to manually enter a letter/number grade in the grade box. Click View Rubric.

Next, you can either manually type in the number of points into each box the student earned for the criteria or you can click on the appropriate rating box. (In the screenshot, I've set it up to be either 5 or 0 points.) 

Once you've successfully added the points, click Save and the system will automatically add the total points earned. You will see a letter grade if you enabled the assignment grading scheme.


The scores are saved successfully when you click Save.

Rubric Comment

To leave a rubric comment, click on the green text bubble.

A pop-up will appear. Here, you can type in your comment. Your rubric comment will save once you click Update Comments.

Please note that after clicking Update comments, you will need to click Save before the points and comments are completely saved. 


You can leave text comments by typing into the comment box (under Assignment Comments).

To successfully save the comment, click Submit.

You can also leave file, audio or video comments by clicking on one, or all, of the three options below the comment box. 


Please note that Speech Recognition is only available on the Chrome Browser.

For any of these to be successfully saved, you must click on the Submit button. 

Similar to what you can do on Word, you can leave in-line comments in Crocodoc. You can highlight areas of the paper you want to comment on, make comments on the submission, add text and much more. The available tools are located near the top of the page:

Some examples are shown below.

For more information, please see Canvas's guide on How to use Crocodoc in Canvas assignments