How can I give students a letter grade without a numerical grade?

All graded assignments must be worth a certain point value so that the Canvas Grades tool can calculate the final grade. If you’d like to give students a letter grade for an assignment and have Canvas automatically generate a number associated with the letter grade, based off of the total point value, you can do so by setting up grading schemes for the assignment.

Create a new assignment

  • You need to enter a total amount of points for the assignment
  • Next to "Display Grade as", choose "Letter Grade"
  • Click View Grading Scheme
    • Here, you can select an existing grading scheme or create one of your own. If you want to create a new grading scheme for the assignment, click on Manage Grading Schemes then Add grading scheme. For step-by-step instructions, see How to add a Grading Scheme to an Assignment

Grade Student Submissions

There are two pages where you can grade student submissions. Either through the Grades tool or through SpeedGrader. 

In Grades, you will be able to manually type in a letter grade for each student and Canvas will automatically generate a numerical value to equate to the given letter grade. 

In the SpeedGrader, you will be able to manually type the letter grade into the box for each student.

Please note that although you can assign students letter grades, you will not be able to hide the total amount of "points" the students earned based on the letter grade received.