How do I get an embedded file to preview within the page?

First, add the files via the Rich-Text Editor

Instructors can add as many downloadable links to the rich content editor as they’d like. To do so, please follow the steps below.

  • In the rich text editor, click the Files tab in the right-hand content sidebar.

  • Click Upload a new file.
  • Click Choose File and find and open your file.
  • Select the folder you'd like the file to appear under.
    • Note: whenever a file is embedded via the content sidebar, it is hosted within the Files section of the course so you may want to create a folder within Files called "Embedded File Links". For instructions, please see How to create a folder for embedded links.
  • Select the correct Usage Right.
  • Click Upload.

You will now see the name of your file in the text box. 

Next, generate automatic previews

  • Using your mouse/cursor, highlight the entire name of the file you just added.

  • Click on the "Link to URL" icon on the toolbar (second row, second icon).

  • Select the checkbox for "Auto-open the inline preview for this link".

  • Scroll down and save the changes.

After waiting a few seconds, reload your page and you will see that the preview is automatically generated. 

Finally, set Usage Rights

If you forgot to set the usage rights for your files during the upload process, the file will remain unpublished and not accessible to students until you have set usage rights. See the guide on How to set usage rights for additional information.