How do I create a folder for embedded links?

Depending on whether you would like students to be able to access the embedded files from the Canvas Files tool, there are two folder setting options.

Option 1: Files always visible to students in Files

Allow all or some file links that have been embedded in an announcement, assignment, etc. to be found in Files. This requires the folder to be designated as Published. 

  1. Go to Files.
  2. Create a folder and give it a title (e.g., File links). By default, newly created folders are published.
  3. If you'd like, you can create subfolders within the newly created folder to organize the types of files (e.g., "Files from Announcements", "Files from Pages", etc.).

Option 2: Restricting access to embedded links in Files

This option allows students to access the downloadable files only from the location where the files were linked to (Announcement, Assignment, Page, Module, etc.) but does not allow students to search and find the files from the Files tool. 

  1. Go to Files.
  2. Create a new folder and give it a name. 
  3. Restrict folder access by clicking on the green publish icon (default) and select the option for "Only available to students with link". A slash eye icon will appear.