How do I bulk download files?

Bulk downloading files is possible if you have at least two items selected in the Files tool. 

  1. Click Files from the lefthand course navigation in the desired course.
  2. Using your keyboard/ hold down the command (Mac) or control (PC) key and (to select ALL files and folders) or hold down the command (Mac) or control (PC) key and click the blank space next to the files/folders name(s) you wish to download. 
    • Note: Avoid clicking on the file names because that will open up a preview of the file. You must click on the white space next to the title of the file or folder.

Unselect Files & Folders

Selected Files & Folders

3. A new toolbar for bulk functionality will appear near the top of the page. Click on the third option (downward facing arrow) to bulk download the content as a zip file.


Once the files finish downloading, you can access the content from your device.