How can students share files with their peers?

Below are three options for file sharing among students. 


Students can attach files to discussion threads that have the "Attach files to discussions" option enabled. To check whether students are able to attach files to discussions, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your course Discussion page.
  2. Click on the Settings gear next to +Discussion
  3. Confirm there is a checkmark for “Attach files to discussions"

Once ready you confirmed that attaching files is enabled, create a new discussion.

Course Group

By creating a Group, this also creates a mini-Canvas shell that is only available to students who have been added to that group. Within the mini-shell, students have the ability to upload files to the Files tool. Follow the steps below to set up groups. 

  1. Click People in the course navigation.
  2. Click +Group Set.
  3. Give the group set a name and you can either select the option to allow students to self-sign up or you can create the group manually.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click +Group.
  6. Give the Group a name and click Save.
  7. Add the students to the group by clicking on the plus sign or dragging the names of all the students into the group. If you opted for self sign-up, students can enroll themselves.

Once students are added to the group, they will have a new group page allowing them to upload files. You can access the group page by clicking on the Settings gear to the right of the group name and select "Visit Group Homepage”.

Within the group, students can upload files to the group's File tool. 


Harmonize is a discussion tool that allows students to engage in richer discussion and collaboration. Students can upload multiple files directly within posts and easily record audio and video comments.

You are welcome to explore our Harmonize Canvas course. If you'd like to add Harmonize to your course, you can request that it be added by emailing