Can students add files to the course site?

Unfortunately, students cannot add files to the Files tool in Canvas sites. Only users with roles such as Teacher, TA, Course Admin and Designer have the ability to add Files to the course. If you'd like students to be able to share files with the class, you can either create a discussion and enable the ability for students to add attachments or you can create a Group for the course.


To create a new discussion, please see:

Also, remember to enable the option for students to attach files. To do this, click on the Settings gear next to the +Discussion button. Next, select the checkbox next to “Attach files to discussions” and click Save Settings. For step-by-step instructions and screenshots, you can see the guide Why can't my students add an attachment to discussions?


To create a group, go into your Canvas course site

  • Click People in the toolbar.
  • Click +Group Set.

  • Give the group set a name and leave the option saying you’ll create groups manually.
  • Click Save.
  • Now, create a Group within the Group Set by clicking on +Group.

  • Give the Group a name and click Save.
  • Add the students to the group by clicking on the plus sign or dragging the names of all the students into the group.

Once all the students are added to the group, the students will have a new group page that will allow them to upload files. You can access their page by clicking on the Settings gear to the right of the group name. A drop-down menu will appear and you can click "Visit Group Homepage”.

From the group page, students can directly upload files to the group's File tab.