Waitlisted students' access to a Canvas course

Waitlisted students are granted access to a Canvas course after being officially added to the waitlist on Axess. Waitlisted students will be able to see all course content enrolled students can see. Additionally, waitlisted students can submit assignments and participate in Canvas the same way enrolled students can.

If the waitlisted student is removed from Axess, they will be automatically removed from the Canvas site. Waitlisted students will not be automatically removed from Canvas if:

  • The student was manually added to the Canvas site.
  • The student was manually added to separate section of the Canvas site.

For the cases above, the students must be manually removed from Canvas. If you happen to need content from the waitlisted student after they've been removed from the course, such as assignment submissions, you can simply add the student back to the course, retrieve the content, and then delete the student from the course again. 

Note that students who withdraw from the course on Axess is not automatically removed from Canvas. We do not get data for students who withdraw so we rely on instructors and students to let us know. If there is a student who withdrew from a course, please let us know at canvashelp@stanford.edu