How do I add someone with a SUNet ID to a course site?

Anyone with an active SUNet ID is eligible to be added to a Canvas site. To add people with SUNet IDs, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the Stanford Who directory to find the person's SUNet ID (
  • Login to Stanford Who and search in “Stanford and Affiliates view”

    • Type in the person's name or email address
    • Copy their SUNet ID (sometimes, people have aliases; be sure you choose the FIRST SUNet ID shown since only that one will work)
    • In some cases, people have chosen to hide their SUNet IDs
  • Go to your course site
  • Click People on the left-hand navigation
  • Click +People 
  • In the Add People window, select the SUNet ID option and enter the SUNet ID in the text box
  • Select the role from the dropdown menu
  • If the course has multiple sections or cross-listings, choose the desired section
  • Click Next to continue with the process 

If the person is in the system and is eligible to be added to the system, a validation message will pop up at the top of the page when you try to add the person. You are now ready to click the Add Users button at the lower right corner. 

A message in green indicates the person is successfully added to the course. See below. 

If a person is not found or the process is not successful, you will see the error below. If this happens, contact the Canvas team at