Add someone with a SUNet ID to my course site

Anyone with an active SUNet ID can be added to a Canvas course by a member of the course team. You must use the official SUNet ID when adding someone to your course, not an alias. 

  1. Go to the Stanford directory.
  2. Login to StanfordWho with your SUNet credentials for full access.Stanford Directory with arrow pointing to login link
  3. Search and select the user you'd like to add to your course.
  4. Copy the user's SUNet ID (individuals may have aliases; be sure you choose the FIRST SUNet ID since that's the official SUNet and the only one that will work).
  5. Go to your Canvas course site.
  6. Click People from the left-hand navigation.
  7. Click +People .
  8. In the Add People window, select the SUNet ID option and enter the SUNet ID in the text box.
  9. Select the desired role from the dropdown menu.
    • You should never manually add someone to the Teacher or Student roles for official courses. Teacher is reserved for those officially listed on Axess and Student is for officially enrolled students. Auditors must always be added as Observers.
  10. If the course includes multiple sections or cross-listings, choose the desired section.
  11. Click Next to continue through the process.

If the person is in the system and eligible to be added to Canvas, a validation message will appear when you add the user. You are now ready to click the Add Users button. 

Add People prompt with a user that is ready to be added to a course


If a person is not found or the process is not successful, you will see the error below. If this happens, you may want to confirm you are using the official SUNet ID. You can also contact the Canvas team at for assistance. 

Error message that the system was unable to find a match to add to the course