How can I create appointment slots or office hours?

To create events requiring student to sign up for a particular time slot, you can use the Scheduler tool.

  • Click on Calendar on the left-hand navigation
  • Click Scheduler
  • To the right, click the “Create an appointment group” button
  • Fill out the name and location for the event
  • Under Calendar, select the appropriate course calendar(s) and enter in the Date and Time Range

  • If you would like separate time slots for students to sign-up, type in how many minutes you would like each time slot to be worth
  • If you would like to have 30 minute meetings, type in 30 and click “Go”.
    • When you click “Go”, the time range will separate into many different time slots. Please make sure that the time has split into many slots. If not, click Go again (see screenshot below)

  • Edit the remainder of the event and click Save & Publish

Please note that once you’ve created a Scheduler event, you will be unable to edit the date or time slots for the event. You will need to delete the event and create an entirely new event.

For more information, see the Canvas guide on How do I create an appointment group in the Scheduler?