Students not receiving Announcement notifications

If students report they are not receiving announcement notifications, it could be due to one of the possibilities below.

Disabled notifications

The default notification settings for Announcements and Conversation Messages are set to Notify immediately. However, students can adjust the frequency of notification emails, including the option to turn Notifications off.

We recommend instructing students to leave notifications on for these two categories. If you plan to utilize the Announcements tool, you can make it clear in the course syllabus that students are responsible for receiving communication by teaching staff, including Canvas Announcements.

Delays due to high traffic

Canvas can experience delays in sending notifications when there are extremely large message queues, especially during the start of a quarter. You can check Instructure's Status page to see if there are any performance issues.

For time-sensitive messages that must go out at a time Canvas is experiencing delays, emailing students directly, instead of relying solely on Canvas Announcements is recommended. Student email addresses can be downloaded through Roster Photos

Emails in Spam or Clutter folders

It is possible for notification emails to end up in a student’s spam folder. Students can add to their address book to help prevent emails from going to spam.

Course is unpublished

Announcements posted before the Canvas course shell is published do not generate notifications. Notifications do not go out for unpublished courses and are not queued. If you have already posted the announcement and your course is not yet published (or you published after posting the announcement), publish the course once it's ready to go live to students and then use the Delay posting feature to trigger another notification.

Specific students didn't receive a notification

 If only one or a handful of students claim they did not receive notifications, it's possible that their email address was added to Instructure's suppression list at some point. Students can check to see if they are part of this list by following the steps below.

  1. Click on Account > Settings
  2. Check to see if there's an exclamation point next to the email address.
  3. Hover over the icon to read the error message.

    Exclamation point icon indicating email is on suppression list
  4. Students should contact if their email is on the suppression list.