Unable to add more than one attachment to an announcement

Embed course file

Currently, only one attachment can be added to an announcement. However, you can embed multiple downloadable files to the body of the announcement.

  1. Go to the desired course site.
  2. Click Announcements in the course navigation menu.
  3. Click +Announcement.
  4. Place the cursor in the text box where you would like the attachment to appear.
  5. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Document icon and select Upload Document. 
    dropdown of three options to add a document
  6. Click Upload File and select the desired file (or, drag-and-drop your file). upload a file prompt
  7. Select usage rights, then click the Submit button.
    • The file should show up in the rich-text editor. You will not be able to click on the link to view or download the file until you post the announcement.
      Course link in RCE
  8. Repeat this step for all the attachments you'd like to make. 

*Please note that files uploaded from your device will be hosted in the 'Uploaded Media' restricted folder in your Files section. By default, students can only access these files through the Announcement and not through the Files tool. If you'd like to allow students to search for these files in the Files tool, you will need to update the 'Uploaded Media' folder visibility setting or move the files out of this folder if the folder should remain restricted.

Attach multiple existing course files

  1. If you have already uploaded the file to the Files tool, click on the Insert tab, hover over Document, and select Course Documents or click on the drop-down arrow next to the Documents icon and select Course Documents
    Document to Course Document workflowCourse Documents selected
  2. Find and click on the desired file.
    panel of available course iles
    • The file name will now appear in the Rich Content Editor
      file name in RCE

Custom text linking to course file

If you don't want the file name to appear in the Announcement to students, you can embed the file into existing text.

  1. Type out a sentence. Highlight the words you'd like to embed the course file.
  2. Select the dropdown arrow for the Documents tool and choose Course Documents
    highlighted partial text in RCE and Course documents option selected from Insert Document
  3. Confirm you're viewing the option for Course Files
    Add files from course files
  4. Fnd and click on the name of the file you want to embed. 

    list of files available to choose from
  5. The highlighted portion of the text will be updated with the embedded link.
    partial sentence updated with embedded link
  6. Repeat this step for all files you'd like embedded in the announcement. Once ready, scroll down to Save (post) the announcement. If you're not ready for the announcement to go out, use the Delay posting option.